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12 Best Things To Do In Dubai You Never Knew

Things to do in Dubai

Dubai has so much to offer on its plate that it becomes extremely difficult to select the best to do in the city. With some or the other attraction coming up every day, the list is never ending. From the best of food to wonder sightseeing, the remarkable combination of sea, sand, and sun to some of the most exclusive activities in the world; Dubai is all about amazement.

We know you’re well-read and informed about the best Dubai attractions. Here are the chosen 12 best things to do in Dubai that not every typical tourist package adds in their itinerary. These activities are creative, unpredictable and definitely for the adventurous souls. Read on.

1. Zoom past the XLine

100This ultimate zipline experience will thrill you to the core. Earlier what was closed for outside visitors, this zip line is now open for everyone. Get an experience as if you are flying high up in the sky. Starting from the top of the Burj Residences 3, the XLine takes you across the Burj Lake and land you on the upper part of the Mall. Enjoy this ultimate zip lining experience with absolute security measures.

2. Go for a DREAMJUMP

If you are an adrenaline junkie or want heart thumping experience in Dubai, then go for DREAMJUMP. Partnering with XDubai and Skydive Dubai, DreamJump has brought the extreme sport to reality allowing you to jump from the top of Princess Tower of the Dubai Marina along with world’s most qualified athletes. If you find it difficult to book a trip, you can enjoy a customized excursion with Rayna Tours and enjoy a hassle-free enjoyment with free pickup and drop.

3. Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight desert safariIt’s no secret that Desert Safari is one of the most incredible things to do in Dubai. But the overnight desert safari takes your experience to another level. The overnight safari allows you to sleep in the desert under the blanket of stars for your company. Enjoy the best of entertainment, food, wine, and shisha smoking in the desert and sleep in the Arabic tents all night in the desert. We assure you, it won’t be an experience you can easily forget.

4. Break legs with some dancing moves at Ductac

The joy of shaking your body at Ductac is extraordinary. The thrill, group, music, and interactions with the locals, all this at Ductac makes the experience worth trying. Be it the tango, belly dancing, or salsa, make sure for moving your legs at one of Ductac’s regular dance classes. Courses in Ductac run throughout the year for beginners and intermediates, and tourists love to brush up their dancing skills with the special crash courses.

5. Learn Kiteboarding

4Whip across the sea and enjoy the ultimate kiteboarding experience. The first-ever kiteboarding center in UAE, the entire learning and riding experience pumps up your adrenaline and rejuvenates you with refreshing delight. Newbies or beginners can learn from the qualified instructors how to kiteboard in the calm bay and in no time, you will be ready to ride the waves with the rest of the team.

6. Play the game of Archery Tag

5Let The Hunger Games Begin! Not literally. Play the game of archery tag inside Flip Out Dubai, the trampoline park. Here you can play archery with foam-tipped arrows, and your targets can jump on the trampoline and dodge your safe to shoot. The two-immersive themed archery tag fields make the entire set-up realistic and allow you to give yourself an amazing time.

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