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5 Beautiful Villages of Cinque Terre


Italy offers some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the world. Cinque Terre is one such Italian destination. It is beautiful in every sense of the word. The five towns that comprise the place are definitely some of the most picturesque villages that you would ever see. Cinque Terre is located on the northwest part of the country and all villages are built on top of high cliffs and on the steep hills. The structures are colourful, making them a sight to behold even from afar. In the older parts of the villages, you would have to walk to anywhere you would want to go as there’s no access for cars. Some towns can be reached by train though. The following are the five renowned and beautiful village of Cinque Terre:

1. Monterosso al Mare

On the northwest coast of Cinque Terre, the small village of Monterosso al Mare offers the best beaches in the region. This village is also home to several restaurants, hotels, artisan shops and wine stores. Divided into the Old Town and New Town, with a tunnel connecting them, Monterosso al Mare has steep narrow roads that are not ideal for cars. So, basically, getting around this town is done on foot. This Italian attraction is known basically for its olives, white wines and lemons. It also boasts of the Church of San Francisco. This monastery is the village’s top sight as it houses a Van Dyck artwork.

2. Corniglia

Corniglia is the quieter and smaller town, but it has the same charm as the others. This village is ideally located atop of a cliff that abruptly falls into the ocean with vineyards perfectly surrounding it. The magnificent view of the beautiful Mediterranean is one of this village’s main prides. Climbing the 382 steps is one way of reaching Corniglia, another is by bus. Similar to the other four villages, Corniglia is a picturesque town of quaint structures and narrow streets. Some well-known historical structures in this village are the 16th century Genoese fortifications.

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