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5 Best Philippines Beaches

Pagudpud beach

With more than 7100 islands to boast of, the Philippines is surely one country with lots of great and beautiful beaches. It is an archipelago rich with natural resources, and each isle offers beauty, tranquility, relaxation, great discoveries and fun in the sun. As the Filipinos say “It is more fun in the Philippines.” The following are the five best Philippines beaches.

1. Boracay (Panay Island)

boracay is one of the best philippines beaches

Boracay is one of the best Philippines beaches

Boracay is the Philippines’ pride when it comes to tourists’ beach destinations. It is called by many as “Blessed Island” as indeed it is. To prove this beach’s popularity and magnificence, it has been awarded as the Best Beach in the World (many times over) by TripAdvisor and Yahoo. There is no peak season in Boracay. If there is, then it is every single day. Boracay can be very crowded, though, and that can only be expected from a spectacular place such as it is. Boracay offers the best of the Philippines, and it is an ideal beach destination for families, couples and group outings. Thus, it is one of the best Philippines Beaches you can enjoy in your trips to this country.

2. Coron (Palawan)

Coron (Palawan)

Coron Beach (Palawan)

Palawan is paradise. It is that unspoiled part of the Philippines that would entice you to keep coming back. Among the many stunning Palawan beaches. Coron is one of the cool Philippines Beaches. Coron offers clear waters – blue and sometimes green, but shallow. It also offers amazing lagoons that probably only existed in your dreams. World War II shipwrecks (Japanese) are under Coron’s crystal clear waters. These wrecks are so fascinating that Forbes listed them among the magazine’s Top 10 best Scuba Diving Sites. All these things make it one of the best Philippines Beaches.

3. El Nido (Palawan)

 El Nido Beach (Palawan)

El Nido Beach (Palawan)

There is another Palawan beach that easily made it to this list. It would be a real shame to include Coron and ignore El Nido – it is, after all, known as the City of the Gods. El Nido is one of the many virgin beaches and islands in Palawan. It stands out though because of its white sands, breathtaking blue waters, amazing forest, magnificent wildlife and unspoiled nature. Proving this beach’s popularity is its title as the Philippines’ Best Beach and Island Destination awarded in 2012 by CNN International.

4. Siargao (Surigao del Norte)

siargao beach

Siargao beach

Surigao del Norte is proud to be the province where the Philippines’ surfing capital is, Siargao. This title is very apt as this beach has perfect waves – just want you to need to feel the intensity of adrenaline-rush of surfing. These waves can be high (up to 20 feet) during the peak of the surfing season from August to September. You don’t need to be surfer though to enjoy this beach in the Philippines. Siargao is heaven on earth; it boasts of the perfect sandy beach, sandbars, coral reefs, unique rock formations, enchanting lagoons, intriguing caves, magnificent waterfalls and a vast mangrove reserve. Thus, it is one of the best beaches in the Philippines.

5. Pagudpud (Ilocos Norte)

Pagudpud beachThe beauty of Pagudpod has always been compared to the beauty of Hawaii. This is because this Philippine beach has a long stretch of white sand that is perfectly matched by inviting crystal blue waters. The best thing about this beach is that it is not as crowded as the more popular ones. That is the reason why Pagudpod is an ideal honeymoon beach getaway.

These are just five of the best Philippines Beaches. There are much more you can go and enjoy with your friends and families. If you already have enjoyed some of these best beaches in Philippines, share your experience in the comment section.

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