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5 Best Types of Places For Motorcycle Camping

Motorcycle camping

Camping has been one of the best ways to escape from our busy life and get back to nature. Recently, motorcycle camping has become very popular around the world. If you are an avid biker looking for the perfect location for your next motorcycle camping, following are some of the best types of places we recommend you to go and enjoy your motorcycle camping:

1. State Parks

States parks are go-to places for motorcycle campers. Better not to choose a state park that is very busy all the time. You can expect to enjoy your time with your close friends going to a nearby state park, pitching your tent on grassy green areas by a lake or river. Going for lesser known and less popular parks will allow you to avoid crowd. If you are looking for a weekend motorcycle camping, the nearby state parks are simply perfect.

2.  National Forests

The deeper into the forest you go, the more adventurous your motorcycle camping will be. While the amenities and quality of camping can vary from one national forest to another, you can always find a place in your state with a national park perfect for motorcycle camping. The deeper you go into the woods, the more supplies such as food, water and other items you need.

3. National Parks

National park campgrounds are not as popular as state parks and national forests for motorcycle camping because they are very much crowded during the off-season. You don’t have to camp in the designated campgrounds and find your preferred places in the national parks to enjoy your camping in your own way.

4. Private Properties

If you know some awesome private properties for motorcycle camping around your city, do not hesitate and talk to people and ask if you can camp on that property. If you are smart enough, chances are you are never going to get refused. Before you ask for permission, make sure you let the owner know enough information about you, where you are from, what you do and similar things. Some perfect motorcycle camping locations in private properties include remote fields near lakes and ponds, behind old barns, near rivers or creeks. If you let the owner know where you heard about the campsite and how much you wanted to have a motorcycle camping experience on the property, you have every chance of getting the permission.

5. Wild Camping

In the western US, there are so many wild camping locations. You just start biking and discover your dream camping location. Getting permission might be a big challenge in such an approach. But it can be the most adventurous way to experience a motorcycle camping.

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