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5 Most Popular And Best Ukrainian Beaches

yalta beach has to be one of the best ukrainian beaches

Ukraine offers some of the best beach holiday destinations in Europe. This country has favorable natural climatic weather conditions and it features impressive, sandy, pebbled, loud (or crowded) and secluded beaches. The following are the five best Ukrainian Beaches.

1. Crimea

Crimea beaches Are always among the best Ukrianian beaches

Crimea beaches Are always among the best Ukrainian beaches

Crimea is not one single beach, but a place that offers some of the best beaches in Ukraine. One thing that makes these Crimean beaches similar is that they are the best beach destinations for the adventurous travelers. The Crimean terrain is magnificent – with its rocky coasts, astonishing hills, historical structures and of course the beautiful beaches. Its wonderful beaches include Gold Beach, particularly famous for its stunning golden sand; Beach Tzarskiy, for the rich and famous; Blue Stones, with the mesmerizing landscape of huge boulders; Tarkhankut Cape, for diving enthusiasts; and Beach Yashmovyy, one kilometer of the heavenly warm peninsula.

2. Odessa

Odessa Beaches are very populat during the pick months

Odessa Beaches are very popular during the pick months

The sandy beaches of Odessa top the list of most regular beach tourists in Ukraine. Why so? The Odessa is the most recommended destination for those who do not speak the Russian language. The beach area offers bars and restaurants. The crowd can be a bit annoying, but you can avoid them if you have the money and can afford to stay at an upscale private resort. Odessa is a port city, and it is the major summer or beach destination for vacationers in the Black Sea. One of the best beaches here is the Arcadia Beach – of course, it can also be the most crowded. This beach is busy at daytime, and lively and manic at nighttime.

3. Yalta

yalta beach has to be one of the best ukrainian beachesYalta is a stony beach, and its popularity is mostly because it was where Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Franklin D. Roosevelt convened during the second World War. Yalta is also a favorite among foreign tourists because most of the resorts here are affordable and offer basic amenities. The most crowded months in Yalta are July and August, so if you want some privacy for your beach holiday, you should avoid booking for these two busy months. The Swallow’s Nest and Livadia Palace are just two of the major attractions in Yalta. So, Yalta is one of the best Ukrainian beaches.

4. Third Beach

Third Beach BerdyanskThe Third Beach is also known by its nickname, Island of Happiness. It is one of the best and most popular among beaches in Berdyansk. This beach stretches near the downtown area, and it offers the best and most amazing views of the quay and the Sea Port. The Third Beach is blessed with stunning golden sand that leads to particularly caressing and warm sea waters. The water is also not deep, thus perfect for family beach vacationers. The amusement park is an added attraction for the kids. Other amenities and features in and around the beach include; restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers and clubs.

5. Olenivka

Olenivka Windsurfing AdventureThe crystal clear blue waters of Olenivka beach is enhanced by the natural beauty of the environment. It is a heavenly beach destination for most beach lovers and windsurfers. The shallow waters make this beach popular for families with small children. The curative mud attracts adults who feel the need to relax their bodies. The popularity of Olenivka’s white sandy beach is enhanced by secluded cloves and pleasant climate.

These are five best Ukrainian beaches you can visit while in Ukraine.

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  1. People should definitely visit Ukrainain beaches, but Crimea and Yalta? They aren’t in Ukraine anymore? They are part of Russia.

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