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5 Extravagant Accommodation Types to Try Before You Die

India’s Luxury Palaces

Avid travelers are always on the lookout for unique accommodations. It is important for them to have clean rooms and prompt services. In some cases, a regular hotel room would suffice. But that is not for the adventurous traveler with money to spend for unique experiences. The following are 5 of the most extravagant accommodation types that you should try before you die – but of course, you do not have to be ill and dying to try them.

01. India’s Luxury Palaces

India’s Luxury Palaces

India is probably one of the fascinating places in the world. It boasts of a unique. It is magical and enchanting. That’s why tourists flock to this Asian nation for their holidays. Like in most European countries, palaces and castles in India have been transformed into heritage hotels. Just imagine staying in a real palace, where actual royalties have lived. When traveling to India, consider booking at one of these palaces/hotels: Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Rajasthan; Rajakkad Estate in Dindigul; Ahilya Fort in Maheshwar; The Oberoi Grand in Kolkata; and the Ramathra Fort in Sapotra. Make your Indian holiday a true one of a kind experience, stay in one of these palaces.

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