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5 Perfect Places in the UK for a Cozy Family Break This Winter

Yorkshire Wallpaper

It is always nice to be able to have a cozy family break, especially so after all the partying and socializing during the busy holiday celebrations of Christmas and New Year. Winter time is the best time to enjoy a family vacation that would not just let you bond with each other and recover from the busy season, but would also help you feel refreshed and ready to face the new year with renewed energy and zest. Here is a list of the five most ideal places to visit in the UK for your cozy family winter break.

1. The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds Wallpaper

Cotswolds offer a unique natural beauty enhanced with quaint and honey-colored villages and towns. With such inviting backdrop, it would be best to spend a comfortable winter holiday renting a cottage in Cotswolds. This UK destination can only offer quiet, peaceful and serene surroundings – very much in contrast to the busy and noisy destinations with theme parks and popular tourist attractions. Cotswolds are proud of its historic gardens, large farms, gentle hills, regal cities, picturesque English villages, welcoming inns and pubs, and a series of crafts and art shops. Give your family a chance to enjoy the quiet side of the United Kingdom, bring them to Cotswolds and have a wonderful winter break.

2. Cornwall

Cornwall WallpaperCornwall is proud to present its beautiful coastline with its equally beautiful beaches, inviting little coves, the lovely creek where you can go shrimping and crabbing, and flourishing watersport community. This UK destination is now recognized as a popular family winter holiday destination as it offers everything that you could be possibly looking for on a family vacation. Cornwall offers archeological sites, magnificent castles, museums and stunning gardens that every visitor will surely love to see and explore. The good thing about Cornwall is that its most popular attractions are specially designed for families.

3. Skye

Skye WallpaperSkye is the place to be for your cozy family winter getaway if you are into adventure. This place offers sparkling lochs, ultra-high sea cliffs, jagged mountains and the 50 miles long of velvet moors patchwork. Some of the most popular activities to do in Skye include; gorge walking, fishing, coasteering and rock climbing.

4. Yorkshire

Yorkshire Wallpaper

Yorkshire has huge areas (being one of Britain’s largest counties). This place is proud of its unspoiled countryside matched by classic beach resorts and lively modern cities. This kind of diversity makes Yorkshire a truly ideal family winter destination. The good thing about this place is that there is sufficient supply of family-friendly hotels. There are also national parks and Heritage Coast destinations that will delight your children. Yorkshire is popular to family holidaymakers because there are a lot of things to do here including; cycling, walking, surfing, hang-gliding, sailing, walking and horse-riding.

5. Devon

Devon Wallpaper

Devon is one of the ideal destinations in UK for family winter breaks because it offers clean sandy pristine beaches matched with a huge number or piers where you can go crabbing. Devon is a county that your family will surely love. It has everything that would make every family holidaymaker happy. The 138 kilometers long coastline is an adventure place that offers adventure activities. Here you can enjoy participating in great and exhilarating activities like swimming, surfing, water-skiing, canoeing, sailing and boating. These activities are also safe for children to get involved in. This simply means that everyone – even the youngest kids – will find something to do in Devon. Your family can also explore other places like Dartmoor, Exeter and other tourist favorites like animal centers and adventure parks.



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