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5 Wonderful Reasons To Explore And Experience Udaipur


Udaipur is a standout place amongst the most heritage-rich and romantic cities in India. Also called the City of Lakes, it is really an oasis in the desert. Apart from the lakes, there are also a few intriguing tourist spots in this city that constantly pull a lot of travellers from all across the world. So if history, heritage, and antiquated royal palaces and landmarks are your cup of your tea, then you already have a reason to love Udaipur. Following are 5 most common and exciting reasons to visit this amazing city in India:


It’s Too Romantic

In a nation with a dearth of romantic getaways, Udaipur offers quiet evenings, astonishing walks, and an outlandish enchantment that is difficult to ignore, making it a perfect destination for lovebirds. Right from long and mushy drives at Rani road and Badi Lake to having a classy, candlelight dinner at spots like Jagat Niwas, Sunset Terrace and Ambrai, overlooking the Lake Pichola, cool wind blowing and mouth watering food to drool over, one can’t help fall in love with his partner, as well as with Udaipur, all over again.

The Amazing Sound and Light Shows

A trip to this lovely city is not considered complete until you have spectacled the enchanting light and sound shows at spots like City Palace, Manek Chowk, and Moti Magri. Enjoy these spectacular shows in the cool climate and head home with an unbounded heap of wonderful experiences for life.

The Culture and Legacy

Rajasthani culture is prestigious in India and is evident in the folk dances and music.  A highlight of the entire trip to Udaipur is watching the Dharohar dance show takes place every evening at 8:00 pm at the Bagore-ki-Haveli.  Women wear the most vibrant conventional garments, and the dances are simply remarkable. One of the most outstanding dance forms that you get to see is of a woman performing a wide range of moves with eight gigantic earthen pots lying on her head. This is one awe-inspiring spectacle!

Surreal Lakes

Lakes make for flawless scenery to the already heart-warming setting of Udaipur and consequently, lend it the sobriquet of “City of Lakes.” The picturesque lakes offering impressive perspective of the mountains make Udaipur a fantastic destination for travellers. For ages, these lakes have been giving water to the city’s inhabitants. One of the most alluring lakes and best places to visit in Udaipur is the Lake Pichola.

Shop till You Drop

Udaipur is a heaven for shopaholics. The shops in Udaipur are a tad too difficult to resist, and one mostly ends up grabbing at the too-good-to-resist trinkets and curios here. You can delve in a plethora of handcrafted, authentic Rajasthani goodies here, with the likes of peacock feather shoes, bangles, splendidly hued shawls, and what not! So basically, the “Shop till you drop” phrase seems to have originated right here in Udaipur. Carry on, mate!

Now you know why people from all over the world swear by Udaipur for getting a gist of the Indian cultural scenario! Those foreign travellers aren’t overhyping this city, which in fact, is a treasure trove of cultural as well as visual treats.

Of the many regular flights from Delhi, the Delhi to Udaipur flights see the maximum reservations, especially during monsoon, since Udaipur is a delight to visit during that time. Well, not just monsoon, but throughout the year, every time, everyday, Udaipur gives you a new reason to love it, more than before. Here are your excuses to say “I love Udaipur because…”–

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