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7 Things You Should Not Do When You Travel

Travel Tips- Things You should not do when you travel

Traveling to different places in the world means you need to know about different culture and customs. This is not easy to do. Blending in and appreciating each culture is important and while learning how to do that, you also have to learn about maximizing your time and money in every destination. Take a look at the following tips if you are decided to know what you should avoid doing when traveling:Travel Tips- Things You should not do when you travel

1. Do Not Use Airport Money Exchange Service

Exchanging money at the airport is a big waste of money. It would be better to just make a withdrawal from an ATM once you have reached your destination. Make use of your card – credit cards are more preferable as they usually provide bonuses for traveling.

2. Do Not Ride Taxis

Make sure to take the train or shuttle service that can take you to the city center from the airport. This is the safest and the most affordable way to get transported from the airport. If you have lots of luggage though or you really need a taxi, then by all means take one.

3. Do Not Dress Inappropriately

It would be a good idea to do some research on how people normally dress up on your chosen destination. In some places in the Middle East and Asia, it is important for women to be more covered. You have to keep in mind that what’s probably a casual get-up in the western world can be considered vulgar and inappropriate in a more conservative culture. So, for women who do not want to be categorized as prostitutes, it would be best to avoid wearing shorts, short skirts and mini dresses when traveling to those old-fashioned destinations.

4. Do Not Offend Other People

Respect is essential. You want to be respected as a person, so you must also know how to respect other people, as well as their beliefs and customs. You must also keep in mind that social conventions are not the same everywhere else. If you are used to big cities, then you may not have to adjust that much when traveling to places like Paris or other key tourist destinations. But if you are planning to travel to a rural place like Mali, then you may want to learn how you should deal and talk to the locals.

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  1. Great dips. Will b sharing with travel partners.

  2. Great dips. Will b sharing with travel partners. Useful info is always great

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