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Australia’s Top Wedding Destinations for Unusual Taste

Beach Weeding Australia

A wedding is said to be one of the happiest days in one’s life so getting it the way you’ve always dreamed of is completely understandable. Standard ceremonies are still the most popular choice, but more and more couples are now daring to go further and show of their unusual taste at their own wedding. The wedding venues market followed suit so now you can choose from a variety of unusual wedding destinations. Here are some of the best ones in Australia.

Take a deep breath

If you and your significant other share the love for marine life, ocean, and scuba diving, then saying your vows underwater is a must. And yes, you can actually say them and be understood because you’ll be equipped with special underwater communicating devices. To make thing even crazier, you can even sign the waterproof papers and all other certificates. All of this is possible at one of Australia’s most magnificent nature sights – Great Barrier Reef. Take a perfect breath and get ready to get wet.


Love is in the air

Getting married in a hot air balloon is a perfect thing for couples who want some privacy at their own wedding. In Melbourne, all you need is a nice weather and you can get married high up in the sky. Wedding rides start an hour before sunrise since that’s the most peaceful time to fly and the most romantic time of the day to say the magic words. A glass of champagne during the flight and champagne breakfast at Balgownie Estate afterward might be the perfect way to start off your new life together.

Back to nature

For all nature lovers out there, getting married in a tropical rainforest must be a dream come true. The Daintree rainforest, Australia’s largest tropical rainforest, offers many venues where you can exchange vows and sign the papers with your beloved one. You can choose from various wedding venues, from world-class boutique facilities to tropical venues in Cairns, Palm Cove, Port Douglas, etc. In addition to enjoying nature, you and your guests will be encouraged to engage in various fun activities, such as whitewater rafting, fishing, snorkeling, and much more.


Just like in the movies

Do you and your significant another share a great fondness for a certain movie? Movie-themed weddings are becoming more and more popular, especially in big cities like Sydney. For example, if you are a fan of Transformers and wish that to be your wedding theme, you can rent cool bumblebee cars in Sydney and make a big entrance all your guest will remember. Star Wars franchise, Tim Burton movies, and, lately, Twilight – those are just some of the biggest inspirations for movie buff couples.

I now pronounce you caveman and wife

The highest mountain range in mainland Australia, The Snowy Mountains. Here you can do your wedding the very, very old-fashioned way and get married in a cave. Saying yes inside a limestone cave seems like a very adventurous thing to do and a lovely story to tell your grandkids. Besides the fantastic view the Yarrangobilly Caves have to offer, the temperature inside this cave system is 27 degrees, all-year round, so you won’t have to worry about weather conditions at all. You can host your reception inside a lovely Yarrangobilly Caves House and have an excellent heritage-style wedding.


Get yourself arrested

Located in the heart of the city, Old Melbourne Gaol is the perfect wedding venue for all of those who have a thing for old jails. There’s something special about this one – high ceiling and many cells might seem too spooky for a wedding, but you can adjust it to your needs by choosing proper lighting and setting the right mood with music. There’s even an entertainment option for you – a guest appearance of Ned Kelly, Australian bushranger who was hanged in Melbourne Gaol in 1880.

If traditional ceremonies don’t really fit your unusual taste, keep in mind that you can organize your wedding just the way you always wanted. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be underwater, inside a cave, or in a Bumblebee – either way, it will be unforgettable!

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