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Articles by Roxana Oliver

Manly Beach Australia

A Day at Manly Beach

Located in the Northern Beaches region, Manly Beach is very close to Sydney downtown, and therefore one of the favorite tourist attractions in the area. Due to the amazing surfing opportunities it provides, it has…

Beauty Kit

Beauty Kit Every Traveling Gal Needs

While most people love to travel, whether the trip is work-related, a weekend getaway or a longer journey, there are approximately ten people in the world who would say they love packing. Packing can be…


5 Great Tips For Traveling With Your Cat

Once they get used to it, cats rarely like changing the environment. Travelling is quite stressful for them and they often dislike the new home, even if it’s just for several days. However, sometimes there’s…


How to Take Care of Your Skin while Traveling

Traveling changes many things in our regular routines, but our skin is the one that suffers the most. With climate and diet changes our skin becomes stressed and pesky blemishes could pop out. In order…