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Baby Boomer Luxury Travel Guide- 5 Best Destinations You Must Not Miss

Provence, European elite’s favorite

Once they reach retirement, most people name two regrets: they wish they’d traveled more, and they wish they had relaxed and enjoyed themselves whenever they could. Young travelers are excited to see the world and are not too picky. But more experienced travelers develop a more discerning taste over the years. After decades of hard work, whether building a career or taking care of the home and family, they are now finally ready to enjoy the finer things life has to offer and embark on new adventures. Here are a few of our top suggestions for the perfect luxury holiday.

1. The Dazzling Bora Bora

Bora Bora Wallpaper

This volcanic jewel in South Pacific is the very definition of paradise. The island is covered in lush rainforest and white sand. The waters surrounding it are blindingly turquoise, clear, and brimming with wildlife. It’s not an unusual sight to see a ray or a turtle idly swimming by. It’s no wonder these waters are the favorite of snorkelers and divers. Is there a more glamorous vacation than eating French cuisine in a bungalow over the water? If there is, we haven’t found it yet.

2. The Booming Sydney

Sydney Wallpaper

Those who love distant destinations, but enjoy luxury and urban surroundings should check out Australia. Although it’s the smallest continent, it’s still one of the biggest countries in the world. Sydney is its most populous city – a sprawling metropolis brimming with culture, exciting events, perfect beaches and world-class shopping. Chill out at Bondi or Manly Beach, have brunch at the Museum of Contemporary Art overlooking Sydney Harbour and its main attractions – the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, explore the cobbled streets of the historic quarter ‒ the Rocks and shop at the Queen Victoria Building. Some visitors fall so hard in love with Sydney that they decide to stay there, in premium luxury retirement homes.

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