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Baby Boomer Luxury Travel Guide- 5 Best Destinations You Must Not Miss

5. Pristine New Caledonia

Pristine New Caledonia

This French-Melanesian archipelago is so beautiful; it’s become a World Heritage site. 1200 km off the coast of Australia, the Pacific Ocean laps at its white shores. It is a peculiar mix of French elegance and tropical paradise. Whether you are looking for adventures, like snorkeling, kayaking, sailing and whale watching, or just relaxation in a high-class hotel, you’re sure to find it. Curiously enough, the island is also a perfect place for shopping, especially when it comes to French luxury brands.

When you retire and have all the time you need, the world is your oyster. Our planet is full of amazing places that will win you over with breathtaking scenery, cultural wonders or mouthwatering cuisine. So, don’t waste a second: wipe the dust off your suitcase, pick a destination, and go.

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