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5 Best Places For Summer Vacation Around Europe

Greece Beach Wallpaper

Are you ready for your next summer vacation? Are you wondering where the best places in Europe are? Europe is full of history, culture, island’s, beautiful beaches, buzzing towns and can offer you an unforgettable holiday. Before you pick a place on the map here are the top five places in Europe to visit this summer and why they are loved so much by people all around the world.


Italy Summer vacation

Italy is the place where good food, good wine, and good weather merge into one. Think about visiting Isola Bella Beach in Sicily. Sitting 200 meters above the coastline is the quaint town of Toarmania. This unique spot is home to grottos, caves, pebbled beaches, sandy beaches and gorgeous calm waters. This is the place to go if you want to relax in the sun. There are some old hotels in the area, and this isn’t a vacation which will break the bank either.


Bulgaria Summer Vacation

Bulgaria is an all rounded destination and ideal for solo travelers and even families. Along the Black Sea Coast, you will find fabulous resorts, spa hotels, and even inexpensive campsites. This is a top destination because of the low prices and the hot weather. You can also enjoy some quiet village life outside of the cities and then enjoy a buzzing nightlife in the main towns of Burgas and Varna!

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France Summer Vacation

La Grand Plage is the picture perfect beach to visit in France. This serene destination is ideal for young families with children. In the area of Aquitaine, you will find shops, clubs, bars, restaurants, children’s clubs, and friendly locals. A nearby palace makes this a royal destination and is a top choice if you want to fit in some historical activities too into your vacation. If you are looking to enjoy your honeymoon in France, never miss Paris as it is one of the Smartest Honeymoon Destinations in the world.


Greece Beach Wallpaper

Greece is full of hidden beaches, unknown towns and well beautiful landscapes that you must visit. Hot weather, clear waters and wonderful seafood specialties will have you never wanting to go home again. The island of Lefkada is a popular destination among tourists thanks to the remote beach that used to be inaccessible. This is another spot which will be kind to your bank account and will mean you can splash out on all the luxurious hotels and restaurants even on a budget. If you are yet to visit arguably the most beautiful Island in the world, Santorini, know these wonderful reasons to visit Santorini.


Last but not least, we can’t forget Portugal. For many years Portugal has been a top destination for beach vacations and sea lovers. Porto Santo is an unknown stretch of beach which covers over nine miles of soft sand and blue water. The peaceful scenery and quiet hotels will offer you the ultimate relaxation experience. Reach the buzzing town by bus or car if you want some exciting nightlife or simply gaze at the stars with a glass of wine on the coast.

Take Europe To The Next Level

If you are looking for a summer break with a twist, then think about going on an adventure tour. These are fun and exciting and great if you have children. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then you can choose from famous amusement parks or unusual sights all around Europe. From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the wine festival in Spain Europe is a destination with so much to do and see. Hike the lush grounds in Scotland, take a tour to Buckingham Palace in London or even see where Dracula came from in Romania. Full of history, culture, stories and myths Europe will excite your senses all round. If you want to experience the best architecture of Europe, you must visit some of the best German Castles.

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