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5 of the Best Places to Rent a Villa in Europe

Tuscan Villa

Traveling to Europe is being open to an unlimited supply of possibilities and being prepared to have the best unforgettable experiences. Though some areas of Europe have become (and becoming) very modern – with their five-star hotels and resorts-  there are still those excellent places where staying at luxury villas is the best choice of accommodation. The popularity of Villa Holidays is because Europe is home to some of the most popular destinations that offer a multitude of world-class luxury villas. These villas are the best options whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, adventure holiday or a family vacation.

The following are the five best places to rent a villa in Europe:

1. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscan VillaOne of the most popular destinations in Italy is Tuscany. This is the ultimate place if you want to experience authentic European villa life. As a matter of fact, Tuscany is considered to be one of the best regions to rent a villa – not just in Europe – but in the world. Tuscany offers magnificently stunning villas located in beautiful and scenic natural settings – and with landscape views of rolling hills, olive groves, and Cypress trees. Though Tuscany Villas may look classically old, they provide their guests with modern facilities that you can have from 5-star hotels in European key cities. Private pools are great bonuses that you can enjoy from these villas. Enjoy a Tuscany villa holiday today and have that once in a lifetime chance of sipping coffee while sitting on the villa balcony as you watch the scenic surroundings unfold before your very eyes.

2. Algarve, Portugal

algarve villa

Algarve in Portugal is a popular coastal tourist destination because of its sandy islands, golden beaches, breathtaking cliffs and scalloped bays. Though there are limitless options when it comes to accommodations like resorts and hotels, private villas remain the top choice for people vacationing in Coastal Algarve. World-class quality, reliable service, and all required features are what you can expect when you stay at an Algarve villa.

3. Costa Brava, Spain

Costa Brava villa

The beaches of Costa Brava in Spain are just spectacular. This Spanish destination is one of the most romantic, unspoiled and beautiful coasts in Europe. Aside from the stunning beaches, Costa Brava also boasts of picture perfect landscapes, lovely weather, and world-class cuisine. But one of the main reasons why tourists flock to this place is its classy villas set in breathtaking natural surroundings with great features like pretty gardens, modern facilities, and private pools.

4. Santorini, Greece

santorini villaAmong the many beautiful Greek Islands, Santorini stands out because of its world-renowned sunset, 360-degree views, and delectable food. Renting a holiday villa is considered as the best way to spend a vacation in Santorini. Villas, this side of Europe, are highly maintained and supervised. They offer total privacy, great views and guaranteed peace and quiet. If relaxation and classy villa holiday experience are what you are looking for, visit Santorini and book for a villa accommodation.

5. Normandy, France

Normandy villa

If you are thinking of having a vacation in France, Normandy should be on top of your list, especially so if you want to stay at a location that offers historically significant attractions. Normandy boasts of quaint pastoral villages, dramatically stunning coastal landscapes, pebbled beaches, architectural highlights and the great museums. The best way to spend your relaxation times is to stay at one of Normandy’s private villas. These villas are homely that they can make you feel like you are home. Exploring the beautiful and magnificent attractions in Normandy is going to be a whole lot more pleasurable if you have a stunning villa to come home to.

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