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10 Best Places to Visit in Italy

Tuscany Wallpaper

Italy is a boot-shaped country situated in Southern Europe. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The reasons for that are aplenty including; beautiful landscapes, art treasures, the latest fashion, world-class cuisine and its wonderful, passionate locals. There are just so much to do and see in Italy that you may have to spend your lifetime discovering it all. Following are ten best places to visit in Italy:

10. Naples

Naples Wallpaper, one of the best places to visit in Italy

Naples is one of the country’s busiest metropolitan cities, and it is the capital city of the region of Campania in┬áSouthern Italy. This town is a proud home to historic sites and a multitude of magnificent works of art. Additionally, Naples boasts of lively atmosphere of restaurants, shops, and nightlife venues. Spaghetti, pizza, and parmigiana, are some of the best Italian foods that originated from this city. The people of Naples take pride in serving these dishes, which are usually prepared using locally grown fresh ingredients. Naples is also ideally located near Pompeii and the Bay of Naples, making the city the perfect base while visiting these places. Thus, it is one of the best places to visit in Italy.

09. Italian Lake District

Lake Como Italy

The Italian Lake District is one of the best places to visit in Italy for a number of reasons. The southern end of the Italian Lake District is relatively flat, in contrast to the mountainous northern ends. This region offers the most beautiful sceneries and perfect weather. The largest lake, Garda, offers breathtaking mountainous scenery in its northern stretches. An equally stunning lake, Como, offers forested slopes the rise directly from the edge of the water. The Maggiore, the lake on the further west, is not as accessible, but just as magnificent in its beauty.

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