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Soma Bay near Hurghada

5 Most Beautiful And Best Egypt Beaches

Egypt is famous for its historical contributions to the world. It is also known as one of the world’s most coveted holiday destinations. Aside from the famous and highly recognized Pyramids, Egypt is also popular…

Interesting Facts about India you may don't know

47 Interesting Facts about India You Probably Don’t Know

India is a fascinating country with stunning natural beauty, cultural treasures, historical attractions, spiritual wonders, delectable cuisines and much more. The seventh largest and second most populous country on earth has an endless number of…

Ngwe Saung, one of the best beaches in Myanmar

4 Best Beaches In Myanmar

Myanmar might be most known for its historical attractions in its ancient city of Began and endless number of temples throughout the country, but it boasts of some stunning beaches that you must visit when…


7 Top Reasons To Visit Qatar

Qatar – a country that used to be known as a business destination or stop over on the way to destinations further away has developed at an incredible pace. Today it stands for luxurious hotels,…