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7 Easy Ways To Make Friends While Traveling Solo

Solo Travel

Being able to travel solo is a privilege not available for everyone. If you get the chance to have this liberating experience, then you really have to take advantage of the chance. Being on your own on a holiday does not mean though that you have to spend the whole time with your own company. Traveling solo provides you an opportunity to meet other people from different parts of the world. Getting acquainted with the locals is one good way to feel at home at a strange place. Meeting fellow travelers gives you the chance to share adventures and stories. The following are some cool tips on how you can make new friends while traveling on your own.

Give Couchsurfing A Try

If you are short on cash, Coachsurfing is a good means of getting free lodging and it also gives you the chance to meet the locals and other travelers. Try posting a forum on the website prior to your traveling date. This will give you the chance to get assured assistance when you do finally get to your destination.

Choose Hostel Dorms

Most backpackers are staying in hostel dorms and the reason is they are more affordable accommodation option than many. A hostel provides a perfect opportunity for meeting people. Staying in a shared dorm allows you to get up close and personal with strangers. If that is a bit creepy for you, you can opt to choose a solo room and meet your fellow travelers in the hostel bar and lounge area.

Let The Cards Help You Out

Some people are naturally shy and if you belong to that group then you may find it hard to start a conversation with strangers. Go to the lounge area and take out your deck of cards and make a general question as to who would like to play. This is a good way to meet new friends and learn new card-tricks.

Participate In Pub Crawl

One perfect way of meeting new people and a good excuse for drinking is the Pub Crawl. This activity is commonly arranged by local accommodations, so you really have nothing to worry about. Just join in, enjoy the local pub scene and get acquainted with some exciting people.

Join In Some Activities

If you are not comfortable staying in a hostel or if you do not like the idea of Pub Crawling, then your next best option is to sign up for local activities. Learn the local dialect by signing up for a language lesson. Take some cooking lessons to learn more about the local cuisine. You can also choose to learn how to surf if you are vacationing on an exotic island or beach destination.

Sign Up For A Group Tour

If you are really not into exploring on your own, choose to sign up for the group guided tours. You will not only have the chance to see different attractions, you will also enjoy having the company of other travelers. In a group setting, there is no chance of you ever feeling alone.

Be Flexible

Flexibility in travel plans is an important element if you want to make new friends on your vacation. With a flexible plan, you can easily accept invitations from people you meet while traveling.

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