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5 Most Exotic And Best Morocco Beaches

Asilah Beaches

Morocco is a popular tourist destination for a lot of reasons. It presents its beautiful west coast, wind-and-wave-battered beaches protected by the Atlantic Ocean, along with the beautiful Mediterranean calm coves in the Spanish-influenced northern part of the country. Morocco’s beaches are just so enticing that it attracts outdoor and beach lovers all year round. You can visit Essaouira and get kite-boarding lessons. You can also go up north and see Al Hoceima, a Mediterranean town that boasts of the Rif Mountains – and watch them plunging into the fine sandy bays.  Following are five most exotic and best Morocco Beaches:


Essaouira beach, one of the best Morocco BeachesEssaouira offers a unique exotic vibe combined with excellent opportunities for world-class windsurfing activities, and you get a historic walled town that boasts of Portuguese fort and ancient medina sheltered by a large crescent of sand. Essaouira is the place to be if you like fresh as you can buy them direct from the fishermen’s boats. From the boat to the grill – you can have the locals cook the seafood for you on their grill stands near the marina. Once your meal is cooked, you can even have it served with thick bread, and salads spiced with coriander and cumin. One of the most popular things to do here is kite surfing, and you can take lessons from the Kite Centre Essaouira. Another option is to take a sunset tour riding a camel from Zouina Cheval. You can expect to find some of the best Morocco beaches in Essaouira.

Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima BeachesThe famous Rif Mountains with its easy accessible hiking cliffs make Al Hoceima, a popular beach escape in Morocco. Tourists (mostly Germans and French nationals) arrive either by plane or by boat into Tangier, and they join local road trippers in fun and exciting activities – like lulling in the sad, in taking afternoon strolls along the Avenue Mohammed V or in savoring fresh sea breezes while watching the beautiful sunset. Al Hoceima boasts of two beautiful beaches: Quemado Beach, the city beach famous for its crystal-clear blue waters; and the Tala Youssef, the beach to go if you are trying to avoid the crowd. One of the most recommended accommodation options is the Alhucemas Guesthouse, where you can taste delicious homemade paella and rooms with the best Mediterranean views.


Legzira Beaches

Legriza is considered as one of a unique Morocco beaches as it is situated between the Sidi Ifbi and Mirleft towns. This Moroccan beach is popularly recognized for its magnificent natural arches (it has one arch stretching at 90 feet to the beach) and the sandstone cliffs (best to be visited during low tide). Legriza is the place to stay if you want to enjoy magical geological formations sparkling with a myriad of colors. For inexpensive rooms and delicious fresh meals – seafood or the famous Moroccan tagine (meat meal cooked with olives and fruit in a cone-shaped clay pot).

Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki BeachesSidi Kaouki is located in the south of Essaouira, and it is a quaint little Berber village that is home to camels and horses and a their local owners who would convince you to rent their animals in going down the beach. The village may seem to be quiet, and there’s not much being offered. But the beautiful stretch of white sandy beach (without the usual tourist crowd) is enough to attract intrepid explorers. This beach was used for the Sex and the City movie and was made to double for Dubai (that’s how beautiful it is). Visit Sidi Kaouki and have funned as you bask in the sun, surf, shop at a Moroccan souk or stay in a local family-run guesthouse (the most recommended one is the Auberge de la Plage because it is cheerful and the owners charge cheap).


Asilah BeachesAsilah is northern Morocco’s mini-Essaouira. It is a spectacular walled town located south of Tangier, and it offers beautiful beaches like the Paradise Beach. This beach is considered as the nicest beach this side of Morocco, and it is best reached by riding caleche (a horse-driven carriage) or a taxi. For a memorable vacation with great sea views, stay at the Dar Azaouia. You should find some of the best Morocco beaches in Asilah.

These are five best Morocco beach escapes with some of the best Morocco beaches. Make sure you check as many of these as you can in your trip to Morocco.

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