Explore The 3 Stunning Beaches of North Sydney

Best Beaches Of North Sydney

Visiting Sydney offers many attractions and new experiences. However, Sydney beaches are undoubtedly the most popular destination for tourists and locals. With so many beaches to choose from, it can get a bit tricky when you try to decide which one to visit first. So why not start with the North? There are always plenty of things to do while the beauty of northern coastline won’t leave you indifferent.

Wategos Beach

If you’re looking to visit Byron Bay, Wategos Beach is a must-stop. This particular beach is perfect for relaxed swimming and enjoying the longboard since the headlands protect it from wild waters and high waves. Apart from swimming and long-boarding, paddling is also a popular form of entertainment at Wategos Beach. What’s more, one can have fun on this beach without even engaging in watersports. Barbecue areas make perfect spots for the picnic where one can enjoy good food and picturesque scenery. The best part of Wategos Beach are dolphins who constantly tease you to try out surfing on the waves. Finally, once you’ve had a lovely and relaxing day on the beach, you can start your energizing walk from Wategos Beach to Cape Byron and its Lighthouse. The steps may be steep, but the experience is well worth it.

Wategos Beach

Source: atlanticbyronbay.com.au

Bondi Beach

Are you a people-person? Do you enjoy crowds and laughter? Then, by all means, make sure to check out Bondi Beach. Wategos Beach is a definite favorite for locals, but the main tourist stop is undoubtedly Bondi. The view of Pacific Ocean make this particular beach a bit mysterious and endearing at the same time. Of course, white sand and turquoise waters make for perfect swimming and sunbathing experience. There are plenty of other attractions at Bondi Beach as well. Not only can you spend your time admiring the professional surfers but you can also learn how to surf at surfing school. Moreover, since Bondi is such a hot spot for tourists, shopping markets and amazing restaurants are perfect for daytime fun while nightlife on this beach can get equally exciting. If you find yourself on Bondi, make sure to tackle the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. And between May and November, you’ll get the chance to watch the whales as well.

Bondi Beach

Long Reef Beach

If you’re on the lookout for a gorgeous stretch of white sand, Long Reef Beach is the perfect beach for you. At the northern end of Dee Why Beach, Long Reef Beach is protected with headland which makes it perfect for surfing. Apart from surfing, the Long Reef waters make excellent conditions for windsurfers, kite surfers, and boogie boarders as well. Walk to the headland top to enjoy the amazing view but also to check out the aquatic reserve and play golf at one of the best golf courses in Sydney. You may even get the chance to spot some dolphins and whales as well as observe some of the unique rock formations. If you’re lucky, you may even find some fossils. There are plenty of grassy areas for a picnic as well as free electric BBQs. On the other hand, you can easily enjoy your food and drinks by getting it from the beach kiosk. With available toilets and showers as well as kids playground areas, Long Reef is one of the favorite beaches for both tourists and locals.

Long Reef Beach

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There are not that many things in life that are more beautiful and rewarding than witnessing a sunset on a beach. These beaches will allow you to see and experience many unique and engaging attractions that will lift your spirit. Therefore, make sure to enjoy every moment of it.

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