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Important Essentials For A Weekend At The Beach

Beach Vacation Essentials

It is now coming to be that time of year where you hit the sun and sand. Whether you are on your own, with friends or with children, there are some certain essentials you can’t miss out on. There will always be something you forget to pack so here is a list of the must-have essentials and what not to forget.

Towels and More Towels

The one thing you can’t forget is a towel. If you want to sunbathe or swim a towel is something you can’t do without. If you have children, then take more than one per child. They have a tendency to get them wet, soggy and covered in sand. Look for towels that stand out from the crowd. This way you know it is yours among a sea of human beings.

Sunscreen and Hair Protection

Whatever type of skin you have sunscreen is a must. If you have children, then 50 SPF is the safest to use. You can get sunscreen which still allows you to top up your tan, spray bottles and even lotion. Choose whichever is easiest for you and the family but don’t forget it. After all, you don’t want to be looking like a lobster at the end of the day.

A Beach Chair

Last but not least think about investing in a beach chair. Most of the time you can hire them at the beach, but they are usually expensive. Instead, think about buying your own. This way you can use it wherever and whenever. It is also ideal again if you have children because a towel on the sand will most likely get destroyed, bundled up and thrown into the sea by pesky fingers. Have a look at the top beach chairs this season.

Flip Flops and Spare Clothes

The easiest way to not forget footwear is to wear it. Go to the beach in simple flip flops. Walking on the sand in high heeled sandals isn’t a good idea. Barefoot is an option but leaving the beach with sandy, wet feet isn’t recommended. Don’t forget a spare set of clothes especially if you have little ones with you.


You will most likely go to the beach with a swimsuit under your clothes but if you plan on changing there then don’t forget it. You can’t go swimming without it after all. Take something you can easily slip over your swimsuit when you are finished swimming. This will offer extra protection from the sun.

Sun Hat and Sunglasses

Protection from the harsh sun is important. If you are sitting in direct sunlight, then avoid sunstroke by wearing a sun hat. Sunglasses will protect your eyes and will prevent you from getting headaches and migraines when you go home. If you have small children, then you can buy clothes which have UV protection built in. T-shirts and shorts with UV protection are perfect for infants and toddlers who catch the sun quickly.

 Extra Food and Drink

If you are on your own, then this probably isn’t an essential. If however, you have children then food and drink is a must. There is nothing worse than settling down in the sun to have your toddler shouting for food. Have snacks that won’t go off in the sun and plenty of water, so you don’t dehydrate. Additionally, food at the beach tends to be more expensive so taking a picnic with you isn’t a bad idea. It will save you money while at the beach.

A Good Book

Spending time at the beach is the ultimate time to relax. What better way to indulge in some ‘you’ time than with a good book. Choose a romance novel to enjoy or even a thriller. Lay back, feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your skin and get lost in another world.

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