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The Incredible And Best Nature Landscapes of Europe

Italy - Amalfi coast

Europe is a place you MUST visit at least once in your life. When people from other continents like Australia or America think of Europe, they will mostly envision the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Colosseum. But Europe has a lot more to offer than just that.

Even though 700 million people live on this continent, it is still filled with enormous open spaces, wide skies and incredible heights. Not to mention its medieval cities, buildings, nature landscapes and culture that will leave you absolutely speechless.


Belgium is located in Western Europe and surrounded by France, Germany, Luxembourg and Netherlands. Here are the incredible places you can see from Scheldt-Rhine canal and other ones you can visit as well.

1. Antwerp

Belgium - Antwerp

This beautiful city is the capital city of Antwerp province. It lays on the river Scheldt and it is linked to the North Sea. It is an important cultural and economic center of Belgium. Here you can see enjoy the sight of Antwerp city hall that dates from 1565, central station from 1905, Cathedral of Our Lady which was built in 1518, Saint James church, the Church of St. Paul, Boerentoren or a KBC tower (26-story building that was built in 1932, the tallest building in Antwerp), many museums etc.

2. Liefmans Brewery

Who wouldn’t want to stop for a beer break? This brewery was founded in 1679 and it produces many Belgian beers like Oud Bruin for example. This visit is going to take you to a whole new world because you will be able to taste their unique beverage – fruit beer.

3. Bruges – the north Venice

Belgium - Bruges

It lies on the northwest part of Belgium and it is the capital city of West Flanders province. Also, it is probably one of the most visited cities in Belgium, probably because of its fairytale-like appearance. The medieval spirit of cobbled streets of Bruges is completed by many historical, architectural and art masterpieces. You will be enchanted by beautiful houses that lay around the canal and then understand why this is every visitor’s favorite place. Don’t miss visiting Hof Bladelin and Groeninge museum.

4. Caves of Han-sur-Lesse

This nature’s wonder has to be the first on your Belgium tour bucket list. These caves have a constant temperature of 13°C and the level of humidity is really high. La salle du Dome (The hall of Dome) is the largest room in the complex and it is 127 meters high. Enjoy the breathtaking view of its numerous stalactites and stalagmites.

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