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21 Interesting Facts About London You Should Know

London Wallpaper

London is one of the key cities in the world. It is a world-renowned place because of its rich history, beautiful traditions, diversity and famous buildings and structures. Its open parks are inviting, and its pulsating nightlife attracts as much as its cultural attractions. Despite the fact that more and more cities are coming up on the list of top destinations in the world, London remains one of the most visited and most popular. Aside from the regular places to visit and things to do, London is full of interesting facts that you and the rest of the world may not be entirely aware of. Here we present – some interesting facts about London that you should know.

1-5 Interesting Facts About London

01. The Palace with no Monarchs

the Palace of Westminster.

The largest palace in the United Kingdom is in London, and it is not where the British monarchy lives. It is where the House of Commons and House of Lords (Houses of Parliament) meet and its official name is the Palace of Westminster.

02. The Most Absurd Law in the UK

It’s illegal to die on the Westminster Palace! But then again, if you’re already dead, would you care if you are arrested? This strange law was passed  and it was voted recently as the Most Absurd Law in the UK. Thus, it has to be one of the most interesting facts about London.

03. Unique Street Names

In London will you find street names that are so unique and unusual that you would probably want to walk through them yourself. Such streets include; Hooker’s Road (Walthamstow), Ha Ha Road (Greenwich), Cyclops Mews (Limehouse) and Quaggy Walk (Blackheath).

04. Street Names that No Longer Exist

Aside from the unusual street names that are still in existence, there are some that are just as unique but sadly are non-existent now. Such streets include; more than one Gropecunt Lane (a very suggestive name that can only be linked to prostitution and probably has been successfully replaced by the Hooker’s Road), Pissing Alley and Shiteburn Lane.

05. One Road that Requires Driving on the Wrong Side

the Savoy Court Road

Yes, in the capital city of the United Kingdom there is one road that you need to drive like an American. This is the Savoy Hotel’s entrance road called the Savoy Court. One of the most commonly accepted reasons for this strange driving law is that since the Savoy Theatre is located on the right-hand side of the road, it is only appropriate that taxis should be able to drop off the hotel guests conveniently. This surely is one of the lesser known interesting facts about London.

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