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55 Interesting Facts About Australia You May Don’t Know

Interesting Facts About Australia

Australia is one of the greatest travel destinations on earth with so many exciting travel experiences on offer for its travelers. This island continent boasts of cultural and natural treasures. In this article, I am going to present you with 55 interesting facts about Australia you may don’t know.

1-15 Interesting Facts About Australia

1. Since 2011, Melbourne was crowned as the most liveable city in the world (6 consecutive years), topping 140 of its rivals including Vienna , Vancouver , and Toronto .

2. Melbourne is the world’s sporting capital because it offers the most top level sports for its citizens. Seventy percent of the city’s population participates in a sport or recreational activity at least once every week.

world’s sporting capital

World’s sporting capital, Melbourne

3. Australia may have a colony of convicts, but its homicide rate is just at 1.2/100,000 population. A significantly less record than the 6.3/100,000 population of the United States.

4. Australia is one of the world’s top wine producing countries with 1.35 trillion bottles of wine produced every year, approximately.

5. Kangaroo meat is available from the butcher,  the supermarket and on restaurants. This meat is considered as the healthier and leaner alternative to lamb or beef because it only contains 1 to 2 percent of fat.

6. One of the most notable facts about Australia is that it has indigenous people and migrants from about 200 countries (India, China, the UK and New Zealand) make this nation a truly multicultural one.

7. There are more than 200 languages and dialects spoken in Australia. These include 45 Indigenous languages plus other non-English languages like Greek,  Italian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, and Vietnamese. This is one of the most amazing facts about Australia.

8. The lungfish – a living fossil that existed since the Triassic period from 350 million years ago – still, exist in Australia, and only in Australia.

9. One of the most interesting facts about Australia is that more than 85 percent of Australians lives within 100 kilometers of the coastlines. This makes Australia as one of the most urbanized coastal dwelling populations in the world.

10. Australia has the third largest ocean territory in the world. It spans three oceans and covers about 12 million square /kilometers.

11. The largest property in the world is a large cattle station named Anna Creek Station and located in South Australia. It covers more than 34,000 square kilometers, and it is bigger than the whole country of Belgium.

12. Australia’s vegetation covers 91 percent of the country and covering almost 7 million square kilometers.

13. Athens, Greece has the world’s largest Greek population, next to it is Melbourne, Victoria. This is one of the lesser known interesting facts about Australia.

14. The world’s richest city in 1880 was Melbourne, thanks to the Victorian gold rush that started in 1851.

15. Gina Rinehart is the richest woman in Australia. She earns $1 million every half an hour, and that equates to $598 per second.

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