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55 Interesting Facts About Australia You May Don’t Know

16-30 Interesting Facts About Australia

16. One of the wired and interesting facts about Australia is that a ‘New Australia’ was built in 1892 in Paraguay. This colony was started by a group of 200 Australians who were not happy with how the government was running the country.

17. It was from the Honeysuckle Tracking Station, near Canberra, where the first photographs from the 1969 moon landing were shown to the rest of the world.

18. There are about 70 tourists who overstay their visas in Australia each week.

tourist overstay

19. The 8-hour working days started in Australia in 1856, when stonemasons ensured such working schedule as standard. The rest of the world followed suit.

20. A record of 2.5 pints of beer sculled in 11 seconds was set by former Prime Minister Bob Hawke. According to him, that was  the secret of his political success. Another mentionable interesting fact about Australia here is that an average Australian drinks 96 liters of beer every year.

21. A 3.4 billion years old fossil, the oldest in the world, was discovered in Western Australia.

22. One of the most amazing and interesting facts about Australia is that it has more space than people. It is very sparsely populated at 2.66 people/square km compared to  248.25 persons/square kilometer of the United Kingdom.

23. The most behaved of all convicts made up the first police force in Australia.  Created in 1789, the convicts-turned-officers were called Night Watch and Row Boat Guard. This has to be one of the most interesting facts about Australia.

24. Australia charges its citizens the highest (and the most absurd) electricity costs in the world.

25. Outback Australia used to be burdened with feral camels – more than a million of them. In 2009, the Feral Camel Management program with funding of $19 million was launched by the government to control this pest problem.

26. Saudi Arabia has sands and camels, but it imports sands (for construction) and camels (for meat production and consumption) from Australia. This has to be one of the lesser known interesting facts about Australia.

27. A Qantas flight took off from Sydney to Adelaide on 50-50 mixture of refined cooking oil and conventional fuel.

28. Australians (per capita) spend money on gambling more than any other nationals in the world.

29. In 1832, Sir John Franklin the governor of Tasmania (Van Diemen’s Land at that time), witnessed a rare show of defiance from 300 female convicts. The ladies  mooned Sir John by pulling up their clothes and exposing and smacking their butts. Though the scene astounded and horrified the governor and his party, it was reported that the ladies in the said party had a moment of uncontrollable laughter.

30. One of the interesting facts about Australia is that the world’s longest fence – all 5,614 kilometers of it – is in Australia. The fence was built with the intention of keeping the dingoes from the fertile land.

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