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55 Interesting Facts About Australia You May Don’t Know

31-45 Interesting Facts About Australia

31. Before the humans, Australia was inhabited by megafauna (giant animals). These include; 7-metre long goannas, 3-metre tall kangaroos, horse-sized ducks, and leopard-sized marsupial lions.

32. The inability of kangaroos and emus to walk backward is one of the main reasons why they are on the Australian coat of arms. The animals can only move forward, and forward is the only way to go for Australia.

33. Australians eat kangaroos and emus, so Australia is one (not the only country) of the countries in the world where animals on the coat of arms are consumed.

34. It will take you 27 years to visit all beaches in all of Australia. That is if you decide to visit a new one every day.

35. The largest living structure on earth is the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. It is so big that it has its mailbox.

36. In Australia, daytime beach swimming was illegal before 1902.

37. Francis De Groot, a retired cavalry officer, stole the show from the Premier when he charged forward on his horse and cut the ribbon for the official opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

38. The number of sheep in Australia are 3.3 times more the number of people.

39. Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared after going for a swim at the Cheviot Beach.

40. Until 1984, Australia used ‘God Save the King/Queen’ as its national anthem.

41. The wombat cube-shaped scat/poop is used as markings for their territory.

42. Per capita, Australia’s European settlers drank more alcohol compared to any other society in the history.

43. The Australian Alps gets more snowfall than the one in Switzerland.

44. A newborn kangaroo only measures a centimeter long.

45. Sir John Robertson, NSW’s five-time premier in the 1800s, half a pint began his mornings half a pint of rum.

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