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55 Interesting Facts About Australia You May Don’t Know

46-55 Interesting Facts About Australia

46. The Box jellyfish is deadlier than crocodiles, sharks and stone fish as it has killed more Australians.

47. The world’s cleanest air is in Tasmania.

48. Combining the sails of the roof of the Opera House would create a perfect globe/sphere. The architect got the inspiration for the design while eating an orange.

49. In Australia, 63% of the population are overweight.

50.Australia is number two on Human Development Index (based on income, life expectancy, and education).

51. For one day in 2005, the security guards at the Parliament House in Canberra were banned from using ‘mate’ to call people.

52. Walking on the footpath’s right side is prohibited in Australia.

53. There is no active volcano in Australia. The only continent in the world without one.

54. Australian Rules footy (football) was designed originally to help in keeping cricketers fit during the off-seasons.

55. The biggest victory ever recorded in an international football game was the 30-1 win over Australia against American Samoa 2001. This is one of the lesser known interesting facts about Australia.

How many of these interesting facts about Australia did you know before? Let us know in the comment section.

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