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An Outback Australia Travel Guide

An Outback Australia Travel Guide

Australia is filled with luxury destinations and fantastic hotels with great service, but if you want to experience the real land down under you should head for the great Outback. Vast open spaces that speak to the pioneering spirit of Australia can be found in every state. These destinations, however, remote and pristine can still be accessed from the major cities with relative ease. Traveling through the Outback, a tourist gets a sense of the country’s great and complicated history and ends up with the adventure of a lifetime.

Coober Pedy

In the indigenous Arabana language, the town is called Kupa Piti, which means “white man in a hole.” And the name is fitting. This mining town was created in 1915 when opal was discovered there and afterward it started to grow below ground. The temperatures in the deserts are above 50° C, and it was the only way to go. The entire infrastructure including churches and private homes are tucked away beneath the sandstone. This may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think about Australia, but it’s going to be a memorable one because a return to the surface after some time spend in the city is somewhat of a surreal experience. And – one more thing – if you are a real film while, you should know that this environment attracted many movie producers. Arriving in Star Wars’ Tatooine or feel like Mad Max in a desert could be a unique experience worth coming here!

Cattle Stations

You could say that Australia’s cattle stations are ranches in the desert, but that would be an understatement since they’re larger than some small countries. The Outback stretches with no end in all directions, and the nearest city is thousands of miles away. Stations can be luxurious places to stay, or they can offer you just the basics, but one thing is for certain – when you’re there, you’ll be able to experience complete calm and the beauty of the scenery.


Australian wildlife is especially attractive for tourist because it can’t be found anywhere else in the world (at least not in its natural habitat).  You can get an inexpensive apartment in Burleigh, trough flatmates in Australia service. This will put you close to the David Fleay Wildlife Park and in the same time near the desert when you decide to do some roaming around the landscape. You can expect to find (and if you’re lucky) take photos of koalas, dingoes, and kangaroos, which live in the area. The park also has special significance to the local Kombumerri people.

 Heysen Trail

Walking down this trail will let you know Australia in all of its glory. Just keep in mind that this is easier said than done because the trail is 1200 km long and it takes quite the athletic skills to complete. It was named after acclaimed landscape artist, and once you’re on it, you’ll understand why. The trail goes through Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges filled with oak trees and ends up in the Parachilna Gorge. It’s safe to try it from May to November.

Daly Waters Pub

A trip to the Daly Waters pub is a rite of passage for everyone visiting the Outback. The pub was opened in the 1930s to serve the man working on a nearby airfield. Now it’s famous as an attraction in itself. The walls are decorated with the memorabilia of everyone who ever decided to get a drink in the middle of nowhere. ID cards, photos, flags, keys and banknotes for almost every country in the world can be found in the bar. Go out and add your own.

When you visit Australia to find the time to go out into the Outback and have an active and adventurous vacation. Once you do, you’ll keep coming back.

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