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Most Popular Cities for Studying & Living In Australia

Most Popular Cities for Studying & Living In Australia

Truth be told, with its crisp beaches, eternal sun and a culture that never sleeps, Australia doesn’t require any spectacular methods for attracting students and travelers from all over the globe. However, in addition to world-class education, students are drawn to various Australian cities for several reasons, some of which include affordability, cultural scene, and employment opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the most desirable cities in Australia that offer numerous studying and living advantages for the natives and international students alike, and how they can make the most of their student years while in the Land Down Under!


Melbourne Wallpaper

Not only is it the most liveable city in the world for the sixth year in a row, but the city’s reputation will likely bring it its seventh victory in 2017 (and we’re cheering on!), so it makes perfect sense that it’s at the very top of our list as well. You can come by reasonably priced accommodation options, the city is well connected with public transportation, and there are affordable meal options everywhere.

With top-ranked universities, the rich cultural life of art, comedy, and sports, Melbourne has a unique personality, and it gladly welcomes newcomers from any corner of the world. The incredible uni parks are teeming with enthusiastic students, vintage nooks as well as modern cafes ‒ all of them coming together into a colorful tapestry that is Melbourne.



A perfect blend of urban culture and outdoor adventure, Brisbane is one of the friendliest cities in Australia, especially for your academic education, boasting three excellent universities as well as very reasonable prices regarding accommodation, public transportation, food, and entertainment.

Although smaller than famous Melbourne and Sydney, this city still has a rich international culture; it is home to the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, as well as many world-famous festivals and art exhibitions. If anything, Brisbane is the center of all-encompassing education for all residents.



No list of desirable Australian cities would be complete without Sydney! A must-see metropolis for all travel lovers, this incredible city might be pricier for a student, but its many benefits greatly outnumber the setbacks. You can still find affordable student accommodation in Sydney, along with a plethora of discounts in cultural institutions such as art galleries, cheap tickets for city transportation, and lower prices for fitness programs, to name a few.

Living and studying in such a diverse, populous city will present many challenges for a newcomer, but just ask the friendly locals for advice and guidance, and you’re sure to find the most affordable diners, coffee shops, bookstores and other services meant for a student like yourself.



The capital of Australia, and its largest inland city, Canberra is home to the highest-ranking university in the country, Australian National University, so it comes as no surprise that this city is becoming increasingly popular among students worldwide. While it may become slightly quieter during the colder months of the year, it’s still a city of breathtaking nature, perfect for bike rides, hiking, and camping.

Unlike Sydney or Melbourne, Australia’s capital is more suitable for an average student’s wallet, and it still provides many affordable entertainment options. It has a growing international scene, and its nearby nature reserves along with the city’s parks and lake all come together into a single, heavenly oasis, without depriving the city of its lively youth culture.

It seems that the greatest challenge of being a student in any Australian city will be not to get lost in this country’s untamed beauty and ever-changing spirit, but focus on your studies and discover Australia’s endless sources of adventure.

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