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7 Reasons You Need To Visit Santorini



There are always reasons why you should travel and visit different destinations. If you love islands, visiting Santorini should be at the top of your bucket list. This Greek island is full of beautiful attractions that would surely make your trip memorable. Here are some of the best reasons you need to visit Santorini at least once in your lifetime:

01. To Enjoy the Sunset in Oia

Reasons to visit SantoriniBeing able to watch and enjoy the famous Santorini sunset is reason enough to be on this wonderful island. People wait for this sunset and applause in glee every time it subsides. To make sure that you can get a good spot, it is best to get to Oia as early as you can as it can be heavily crowded. Another good way to enjoy the sunset in Santorini is to go to the less crowded Imerovigli.

02. To Quad Around the Island

quadA quad bike is probably the best means of transportation you can use to explore Santorini. You cannot be flexible with buses, and you need to spend lots of money on taxis. And since the roads on the island are mostly narrow and cobbled-stone, you would get far by guarding around.

03. To Experiencing Wining and Dining with a View

Santorini Dining with a view

If “Dinner with a View” is your kind of thing, then Santorini is definitely the place to be. This island gives true justice to this statement. Try dining at the best restaurants offering breathtaking views and delicious meals. The choices include; Lauda, 1800 and Ambrosia (Oia), V Lounge and Archipelagos (Fira) and Kapari Wine Restaurant (Imerovigli).

04. To Enjoy the Wonderfully Unique Beaches

The beaches in Santorini are unique for the very simple reason that they are volcanic. This simply means that you should not look for crystal-clear water and white sand. Some of the recommended beaches in Santorini are; Red Beach, Kamari, and Perisa/Perivolos.

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