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Cautions: 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit India!


If you have never been to India, you should not regret it!

Yes, India might not worth your time and money!

Following are 7 reasons you should never visit India:

1. India Is A Big Country with Great Geographical Diversity (Not Good!)

kashmir beauty

Being the seventh largest country on Earth, India boasts of incredible natural sights including sandy beaches, rolling hills, deserts, miles of paddy fields, tea gardens, waterfalls and more.

The Snow Capped Peaks of Munsiyari, the tranquil lakes of Jammu and Kashmir, the backwaters of Kerala, the Great Thar Desert across four different states, and the magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa along with so many wonderful beaches are some of the most known natural features of India.

Why would someone want to visit such a beautiful country?

3 Comments on "Cautions: 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit India!"

  1. I’m sure “there are so much more reasons to visit India”. The people, the landscapes and the cultural heritage are just three of the reasons that keep drawing me to India.

  2. Places like Kerela attracts a lot of nature lovers and Jaipur is attracts visitors through its rich culture, artifacts and the hospitality.

  3. Blanca Miosi | June 23, 2017 at 7:20 pm | Reply

    You are right, there are seven things I will not visit in India.

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