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8 Simple But Useful Safety Tips for Backpackers


Backpacking is a great way of experiencing the best adventures that the world can provide. If you are thinking of being a backpacker, there are important things that you should keep in mind in order for you to have truly enjoyable and memorable trips. The following are some tips that you may want to consider:

Do Some Research

Although it can be a lot more interesting and exciting to go backpacking into the unknown, it would not hurt you to learn some basic facts about the destinations you want to explore. Try to learn more about local customs, risk hazards, safety concerns and other matters that would prepare you for your trip.

Acquire A Travel Insurance

Backpacking is an adventure that comes with exciting activities, and not all of them are totally safe. Actually being on your own is already an unsafe activity. So, just to be on the safer side, it is best to get a travel insurance prior to heading off to your trip. Apply for an insurance policy that will cover medical bills and adventure sports like scuba diving, bungee jumping or hand gliding.

Make And Save Copies Of Your Important Documents

Making copies of your important documents and saving them are two essential things that you should do before setting off to your adventure. These documents include passport, visa documents, debit cards, credit cards, booking and hostel reservations. Make sure that you store the copies in a safe place or/and digitally save them. Back-up copies can save you a lot of trouble in case something happens to the documents that you carry. If you are traveling with someone, it would be best that both of you have copies of the other’s documents.

Try Not To Be Flashy

As a backpacker you will travel in a foreign land and your foreign look will surely make you stand out. So, try not to be flashy with what you have. Keep your valuables (like jewelries and gadgets) stored safely.

Keep Your Cash In Separate Storage

Credit Cards photoGenerally when backpacking, credit cards and debit cards are the best means of financial resources. Ideally carrying two of each is your best bet. Of course, you will also need to carry cash, but make sure that it is safely and separately stored from your other belongings.

Make Use Of The Lockers

Hostels are backpackers favorite lodgings. But keeping your valuables in the room if you staying in shared room may not be a good idea. So, it is best to keep those important papers and valuable in a locker.

Be Alert

Sometimes when you are having a great time and enjoying the beauty of a foreign land it is difficult to be alert of your surroundings. Do not be distracted too much of what you can see, always be alert and aware of where your stuff is.

Use Your Common Sense

Being in a foreign land does not make you invincible. It also does not make you safe from your own mistakes. So always have the sense to know what’s right and what’s wrong. Always practice the same precautions that you do when you’re home; don’t accept rides from strangers and don’t go to dark alleys. Basically, just use your common sense and stay safe.

These are some very simple but effective safety tips that can save you from unfavorable and unexpected situations. Just don’t be negligent and follow these tips to make memories of lifetime in all the destinations in your bucket list.

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