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10 Most Spectacular And Best Beaches in Italy

Cala Goloritze

Italy is well known for its great cities, stunning historical ruins, atmospheric monasteries and castles, fantastic food and wine, sun-kissed olive groves and vineyards, and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean and Lake Como. It is a destination that avid travelers love to come and visit again and again. Because of having some spectacular beaches, Italy beach holidays are very popular as well. Here I present ten best beaches in Italy:


Marasusa Beach, One of the Best Beaches in italy

The Marasusa beach is located in Tropea, a lovely old town in Vivo Valentia province in Calabria. It is also known as the “toe” of Italy (because it dips right into the magnificent Mediterranean Sea). The beach has calm, clear blue waters, immaculate white sands, and stunning cliffs. These cliffs along with the ancient dwellings perching on the top make this beach a standout among the rest. Visiting the Marasusa beach is giving yourself the chance to enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean, as you also get the bonus of getting up close and personal with Southern Italy‚Äôs cultural highlights. The magnificence and beauty of Marasusa make it one of the best beaches in Italy.

Cala Granara

Cala Granara, one of the best Italy BeachesLocated on the Spargi Island, The Cala Granara can only be reached by boat. Setting foot on this island is like being teleported to paradise. This Italian haven has three white powdery sandy beach sections separated by small mountains and growing wild maccia. The beach gently slopes to the sea as magnificent rock formations and big granite stones provide the perfect backdrop as they proudly stand in the clean, crystal waters. The good thing about Cala Granara is that it is the neutral ground for the jet-setting crowd and the regular beach goers. The overall atmosphere is peaceful and relaxed, making it one of the most popular Italy beaches.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I really would like to visit these places.

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