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15 Wonderful And Unique Things To Do in NYC


New York is without question one of a fascinating cities around the globe. Its architecture, the feeling of walking down Broadway, grabbing a coffee at Bryant Park, perusing the New York Times sitting on a bench in Central Park or checking out the amazing Apple Store on 5th are all unique and wonderful…….. with so many exciting things to do in NYC, it seems you would need at least a month to do everything and enjoy it, and that’s only Manhattan; not to mention Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island which I´ll have to leave for another article.

New York is, as Frank Sinatra said “the city that never sleeps” with its skyscrapers, the iconic yellow cabs, famous Jazz clubs and fashion in every window, you actually feel like you’re in a movie. Bustling traffic, people walking in every direction and the subway, which is not the prettiest place you’ll see but is definitely entertaining with its street performers and buskers. This is why the Big Apple is the perfect place to live or travel. With its 1.6 million populations, it continues to grow as it seems everyone wants to live in this modern Mecca.

Here are 15 wonderful and unique things to do in NYC you must try in your New York Trip:

1. Walk, walk and walk some more

To me, this is the best way to see the real New York, renting a car (unless you want to drive to the Hamptons) will be a waste of your time as traffic is a nightmare, not mentioning the parking. Taking a walk through Central Park is one of life’s simple pleasures; with its beautiful gardens and peaceful annexes, it’s a great place to share a picnic or if you want to shake up the pace go for a jog. If you have a young family, the kids can enjoy the jungle-gym or my 5 year-old daughters favorite,  have a swing. Thus, walking is one of the best things to do in NYC.

2. Visit as many museums and art galleries as possible

NYC art galleries and Museums

There is so much more than just the MOMA, Met or the Guggenheim… boutique art galleries and the State Library will give you a sense of the old and modern New York. Visiting NYC’s best museums and art galleries is one of the never-miss things to do in NYC.

3. Go to a Broadway musical


An absolute must if you are there the feeling you get seeing the ‘original’ musical with renowned performers is something you have to experience yourself. It is absolutely worth the visit.

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Carolina Moore
Carolina Moore is a MTA Luxury Travel Expert from Melbourne. She has traveled many different countries in her 12 year career in the travel industry. She currently assists travelers with travel advice and great tour itineraries in the areas she covers.

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