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15 Wonderful And Unique Things To Do in NYC

4. Order a French onion soup at Connolly‘s Irish Pub behind the MOMA museum

Connolly's Irish Pub

If you happen to be in NYC for winter and decide to go for a leisurely stroll through brisk streets, sun shining at -10ÂșC could be challenging. This place steps down into a basement sort of cave and will be your foodie salvation. The food is amazing and the service was great.

5. Go Shopping in NYC

Shopping in NYC

If you like shopping, New York can be kind of pricy, especially for designer brands so if you still want the “good stuff” but want to find a great deal head to Bloomingdales, Century 21, Macy’s Herald Square, Loehmann’s or if you’re motivated enough to take a ride out of the city, try the premium outlets at Woodbury Common. This is shopping heaven for experienced fashionistas. New York offers numerous stores in Manhattan and is all super-centrally located, aside from Woodbury. You can find clothes, shoes, make-up, accessories, underwear, sunglasses and more; the possibilities are almost endless. With an endless number of renowned shopping malls everywhere, shopping is one of the top things to do in NYC for the traveler of any age and taste.

6. Grab a hot chocolate at one of the art galleries, with fantastic views of Bryant Park.

In the lobby, where coffee is served you can enjoy the spectacular view of the street through the floor to ceiling glass pane windows. It becomes even more special when it snows outside.

7. Enjoy your time in Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village Jazz

If you are a Jazz lover, like me, staying in Greenwich Village is the prime place to be. Within walking distance to most of the best jazz clubs in Manhattan such as the Blue Note, Village Vanguard and Smalls you can also find little underground dives that showcase blues, jazz and old stuff as well, where word of gigs goes around by word of mouth.

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