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15 Wonderful And Unique Things To Do in NYC

8. Visit Stock Markets

Visit Wall Street Stock Markets

Head to the Stock Markets if you want a real sense of how Wall Street stock brokers in their Hugo Boss suits, Rolexes and expresso coffee strut down the cobbled street. If you go early in the morning, you can hear the bell ringing from inside when Stocks start to rise and fall. Just around the corner from the Stock Market, you will find the famous bronze “bull” which is a symbol of fortune and wealth. So says the legend that if you touch the bull’s balls with your two hands, it will bring you good luck, better if you have a picture with it!

9. Must Pay a visit to Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty wallpaper

Statue of Liberty, you can’t visit the Big Apple and not see this iconic attraction. The adventure starts right from the outset when you board the little ferry which takes you around the island. As you are approaching the statue, you can see the amazing view of Manhattan, like being on a set in a movie. I do warn, though, if you plan to walk up through the statue you’ll want to be fighting fit. The walk is 354 steps so good luck by the way. Both times I have been, it has been closed due to maintenance, but being around the Statue of Liberty and learning about why it has turned green over the years is fascinating. As you can imagine, there is a great view of Manhattan in the back drop for photographs too. All these things make a visit to the Statue of Liberty one of a fascinating things to do in NYC.

10. Enjoy The Evenings at the Times Square

Times Square, New York

Times Square is one of the most famous places in the world. Lit up by day and night, full of people and amazing stores surrounding. Here you can find the infamous ¨almost naked¨ Cowboy which is a funny thing to watch if you are there. I spent New Year’s Eve in Times Square in 2009/2010, and it was magnificent. You even get to hug a police officer or take a swig or 2 from your hip flask, a necessity to combat the -16ºC night-time air. I got back to the hotel with a burnt face due to wind chill. It can be quite a magical experience spent in the square on New Year’s Eve, seeing the ball drop and watching everyone scream the countdown. Even better if you are with your loved one, it makes it so romantic.

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