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15 Wonderful And Unique Things To Do in NYC

11. Have Fun Here and There and Everywhere!

Anywhere in midtown for Christmas time is amazing. Seeing the Rockefeller Centre light up and snowing is an unforgettable show. Ice skating in Battery or Central Park is another must-do event. Enjoying the beautiful Christmas decorations around the city is special, but my favorite are the four big red balls sitting in a fountain across from Radio City Hall, especially if snow has fallen, what a view!! Walking through Bloomingdales and seeing the first snow of the season while observing the Empire State Building, is a picture I have in my head that I will never forget.

12. Enjoy Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery, the best cupcake I have ever eaten in my entire life, just around the corner from Perry Street (one of my favorite streets in the Village…for some random reason). The way they display their cupcakes and the variety of irritatingly delectable morsels makes it hard to not stuff your face until you’re sick. Any Italian restaurant in Little Italy, but my favorite one is Il Fornaio… the wine, the food, and the dessert… I can still remember the taste of the Frutti Di Mare pasta dish my husband ordered which came with its very own complimentary paper bib. Such an unforgettable place, nonna’s home-cooking and the friendly staff all spoke Italian, so you felt the spirit there. We will go back.

13. Enjoy NYC’s best View

Rockefeller Centre NYC View

Top of the rock, this is by far one of the best tours we did. It’s at the Rockefeller Centre. You take the elevator up to the 70th floor in less than 10 seconds and get “THE VIEW” of NYC. It’s open every day and night. We chose by night because of the lights, and it was amazing, seeing the famous Chrysler and Empire State Building as part of this unique skyline… The photographs were very special.

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