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15 Wonderful And Unique Things To Do in NYC

14. Never Forget to See the magnificence of Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Wallpaper

Brooklyn Bridge, you can catch the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Interestingly, the subway goes under the river; or the other option, if you prefer, is to walk across the bridge where you will discover a spectacular vista of Manhattan. It is one of the unmissable things to do in NYC. After crossing the bridge to Brooklyn, you can enjoy a nice walk down around the Dumbo area and take pictures of the swanky shops and cafes, amazing scenery which includes the RFK bridge.

15. Visit 9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial, this is a magical and emotional place to visit, especially if you were ever at the twin towers before the attack, it is a surreal place to be. The size of the new World Trade Centre Tower is taller than the twin towers and is the highest in the city; you can clearly see it from afar. The memorial, right across from the WTC is deeply emotive, if you close your eyes and listen to the water running into the big square holes (which are the same sizes as the base of the towers) it’s a reminder for all of us who were present at these tragic episodes in our lives of how big and strong the noise must have been. Closing your eyes and listening to the water going into not one but two deep holes is such a powerful and emotional moment that it gives you chills, specially when you can sit and read around this massive square, each and every name of the people who died that day in 2001, it is very moving but is worth the visit and check the museum inside as well.

These are just the top and best things to do in NYC. So, you can’t miss out any of these in your NYC trip. Enjoy!

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