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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Costa Rica

Corcovado National Park

You’ve finally decided to pack your bags and head off to a destination you’ve never visited before, and Costa Rica is just the place for you. This country is the land of natural wonders – volcanoes, waterfalls, beautiful sandy beaches; you name it. It’s the ideal location that will enable you to re-connect with the world of nature.

Tropical Beaches

Costa Rica Beaches

Have you ever dreamt about spending your vacation at a remote location, far from the prying eyes of civilization? If you have, the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is where you can make your dream come true. This region is relatively isolated from the rest of the country, and you can access some of its parts only by a boat, or plane.  What makes this coast different from other areas of the county is the atmosphere which represents a mixture of different influences. The Caribbean coast is the perfect location for retreating and enjoying Reggae music brought by Jamaican culture and trying out traditional cuisine. Pristine tropical beaches, wildlife reserves, and national parks are all there, waiting to be explored.


Arenal Volcano Wallpaper

If you want to try something different and unusual, volcanoes should be on the top of your list of attractions. One of the most popular tourist locations, especially for families, is the Poás Volcano National Park. It is in the proximity of San José city and the airport, so it is easily accessible. This is an active volcano with one of the largest craters in the world and lush vegetation due to humidity and suitable weather conditions. You can visit it by joining an expedition and hiking to the rim of its crater. Another popular park is the Arenal Volcano National Park, especially when it comes to honeymoons or family vacations. Its volcano is currently not active, but it has many other attractions suitable for different types of people. This park offers numerous hot springs, rafting tours, hikes, and, depending on your personal interests, you can either experience the available adventures or relax with your loved one in a spa.

Natural Parks

Corcovado National ParkThe best place to (re-)connect with nature and its wonders are Corcovado National Park; however, make sure that you are ready for that since it means that you’ll be spending some time in the middle of a forest with no telephone signal or access to the Internet. Despite the fact that you’ll be almost completely cut off from the rest of the world, visiting this park will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. You’ll have the opportunity to observe nature in its purest form, and to experience an entirely different way of life.


Apart from a variety of tourist sites, Costa Rica also offers different options when it comes to accommodation. Depending on your personal interests, you can book a hotel in a city, rainforest, or at the foot of a volcano. Another available option is staying at an all-inclusive resort, which is quite convenient, especially for families. However, if you’re planning to stay in Costa Rica for a longer period, you should consider renting, or even buying a house, instead of paying a hotel on a monthly basis. It’s impossible to explore entire Costa Rica in two weeks, and even if it were, you’d want to go back there, and this is why having real estate in Costa Rica actually pays off. After all, there’s no place like your home.

Each vacation should be a unique experience, and, of course, you can have the time of your life in a country next to yours. However, at least once during your lifetime you should go and do something completely different. Luckily, we have a lot of unexplored natural heavens on Earth, and one of them is Costa Rica.

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