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Visit Six Most Beautiful Historical Sights In Sydney


Sydney is a melting pot of nations, the biggest, oldest and by all means most beautiful city in Australia. You can spend days on end gazing into the amazing architecture of the wonderful city, gliding along the glistening harbour by the ferry and seeing the white sails of the well-known Opera House gleam. With the numerous sandy beaches that are a holiday both for mind and soul, you can easily unwind from everyday hustle and bustle. But there is much more to see in Sydney. If you are into history, you will love exploring the incredibly beautiful historical sights in Sydney.

1. Harbour Bridge Museum

Sydney Harbour bridge

Australia is a home to one of the most amazing bridges in the whole world – Harbour Bridge. If you are all in for some adrenaline-driven activities, you will be pleased to hear that you can climb up the entire bridge and its 200 steps in order to experience the amazing view down upon the entire city. However, there is a museum which nowadays features 3 levels of exhibits. You can discover how the bridge was built.

2. The Rocks are a must see

The Rocks, one of the historic sights in Sydney

There is no better place in Australia but the Rocks where you can discover all about the aboriginal culture. The rocky coast surrounds the area which once was a residence to the aboriginal people. The museum is spectacular family friendly place which reveals the history of the Rocks area since the old times to the present. It is completely free. You can discover a unique collection of archaeological artefacts and images that were found in the Rocks. Most of the exhibits are interactive, so if you are keen on state-of-the-art technology you will be pleased to discover modern touch screens and audio-visual elements that enhance the entire experience.

3. See the oldest house – Cadman’s cottage


Sydney’s oldest surviving house is the charming Cadman’s cottage which was built in 1816. Ever since it has been constructed, it has been used for numerous means including a sailor’s home, water police station and water transport headquarters. Long time ago it used to be far away from the water, but when Circular Quay was built, it made harbour come closer to the cottage, and it is now only 100 metres away.

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  1. Queen Bictoria building is just magnificent, our favorite in Sydney. The grandeur, architecture and charm is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing

  2. Queen Victoria building is just magnificent, and our favorite in Sydney. The grandeur, architecture and charm is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing

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