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3 Wonderful Ways To Enjoy A Family Holiday Around Lake Cathie

Lake Cathie

Only 12 km south of Port Macquarie resides a crystal clear Lake Cathie. Thanks to it’s warm shallow water; the lake is an exquisite destination for parents with small children, who’d like to have a relaxing and fun holiday. Located right between the Pacific and the network of rivers and freshwater pools, Lake Cathie guarantees an unforgettable vacation all year long. Whether you choose to barbecue, walk to the forest nearby or just enjoy the myriad of thrilling activities both on water and on the land, visiting Lake Cathie will be worthwhile.


All the fishing lovers will find Lake Cathie a true paradise. With a range of fishing options awaiting in the vicinity of the lake, as well as on the beach, you’ll have more than a vast choice of locations to indulge your favorite hobby. Early in the morning is the perfect time to fish for whiting and luderick, so be prepared to get up at the crack of dawn for this amazing catch. However, if you prefer fishing when the sun sets, you could also find these beautiful fish at dusk. Lighthouse Beach is the perfect spot for catching forte, bream, flathead, whiting, and snapper so doesn’t miss an opportunity to visit this extraordinary location.


If you’re looking for amazing waves and ideal conditions for surfing, Lake Cathie is your best choice. Autumn is the best season to enjoy surfing adventure since the temperature is the most temperate at that time of the year. Another thing that makes Lighthouse beach in Lake Cathie a great surfing spot is that it’s the perfect place for you to ride the waves no matter the experience level you own.


With so many natural beauties and exciting locations, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to explore this marvelous New South Wales location. Lake Cathie has an abundance of river networks, and its estuary offers amazing exploration activities. Considering my parents live in one of the best luxury retirement communities in Lake Cathie, my family and I were lucky enough to have them as the excellent tour guides who could show us all the wonders of this fantastic place. Going to Lake Innes National Park and witnessing the charms of ecological network rich in fish, birds and small marsupials made our kids incredibly happy.

If you enjoy learning about history, the Lake Innes Ruins will be a true delight. You’ll have the opportunity to hear all about the region’s colonial past and see some of the oldest surviving brick structures in this part of New South Wales. However, be sure to book your tour in advance and ensure your place in these beautiful ancient ruins.

Crystalline Pottery is another attractive place worth visiting if you ever decide to spend a couple of days in Lake Cathie. This sweet place is usually described as the hidden jewel of Lake Cathie, offering you the short lesson in pottery from the master artisan himself. What’s more, he’ll demonstrate the process of creation, and you’ll have the opportunity to treat yourself with the beautiful vases, cups, saucers, urns, bird baths, dishes, bowl teapots and so many other beautiful pieces.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday destination with your family or just a short weekend getaway with your partner, Lake Cathie guarantees an incredible adventure. From surfing, through fishing, barbecuing, driving 4WD, or night hand-hauled prawning ‒ Lake Cathie offers an array of activities for everyone. What’s more, the vacation can also be educational if you decide to spend some time learning about history, pottery, and ecology. Therefore, don’t wait a second longer and book your next vacation at this outstanding location, where you’ll both relax, rest and experience so much more.

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